EQUIPMENTMASSAGE HOOP (Acupuncture Magic Hoop Premium)

CALORIES MELT AS SNOW      See the VIDEO            


*Magnificent trainer for a waist and muscles of stomach
*A hoop is a trainer in three times heavier than ordinary hoop - in three times more effective
*For 10 minutes of employments made about 30000 akupuncture pressures on the area of waist and stomach.

Innovating Fitness Exerciser. Manual.
The Acu Hoop set contains 7 sections and 42 massaging balls. We recommend adults to use 7 sections, kids may use 6 sections hoop. Open the gift box. Carefully insert massaging balls into the holes on every section. Make sure you >put them till the end, a “click” indicates that you insert them right. Connect sections of the hoop, while assembling make sure that arrow on the white ring on every section faces arrow on the other section. After connecting turn write ring (one touch connecting) to LOCK position to fix sections securely. If you want to take apart your hoop, just turn white ring to OPEN position.

Detailed instruction on assembling of Acu Hula Magic Hoop( HULA Hoop)

See the VIDEO

Net Weight 1,00 kgs





For distributors interested in purchasing by telephone +371 29566078 or write to e-mail: (Minimal order 1000 pcs.)

A good product for good price!

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